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Axis Bank Home Loan Online Access

Axis Bank home loan online access enables you to apply and keep track of your account with the click of a few mouse buttons. Though it is not possible at present to pay online the equated monthly installments, you can make use of the Direct Debit options like Electronic Clearing Services to make payment conveniently. When it comes to check account details and see statements online, the Internet banking facility of the bank can make your life easier. As the third largest bank of the country and a leading housing finance provider, Axis Bank offers much ease when it comes to applying online for a housing loan.

How to Apply Online for Axis Bank Housing Loan

The online application process at Axis Bank consists of three steps. In the first step you are asked to enter full income details as well as some personal details, which are used to ascertain your eligibility on an eligibility calculator. This calculator takes into account the various factors and the information you have provided to compute the maximum loan you can qualify for.

In the second step, you are provided an opportunity to customize your loan by choosing a loan amount within the permitted limit and the tenure you need to pay it along with the interest and all necessary charges. The third the final step involves the completion of an online application form, which also asks you to enter details of the documents that you could provide as a proof to your eligibility for the loan.

Once you have submitted this form, the application process comes to an end. A representative of the bank will contact you within three business days to complete the necessary formalities. If you have all documents ready, you will get the sanction approval within few days. In the meantime, you can revisit the bank website to check your application status online. You can also contact the representative that you met during the application procedure to find information in this regard.

Axis Bank Home Loan Online Account

The Internet banking facility of the bank allows you to access your loan account online. The facility is accessible only to those who have registered with the bank and received their login ID and password. Moreover, you also have an option to opt for NetSecure, which is an innovative feature of the online banking facility provided by Axis Bank. With NetSecure you get an additional security layer in the form of a single usage password other than your login ID and password.

With Axis Bank Internet Banking, you can do a lot of activities, such as view account details, check balances, download account statement, see loan account details, edit personal profile details, transfer fund, and much more. For solutions to login problems, you can dial toll free 1-800-233-5577 or 1-800-209-5577. You can also send an email to customer.service@axisbank.com.

Last Updated On: 2011/09/11